Volunteer and Non-Staff Log in Help

First Time Login for Invitees, Trainees, Volunteers and Participants 

  • Set up your Login.gov account with the email address Peace Corps has on file. 

  • If you already have a Login.gov account, make sure you know your password.

  • Ensure you have at least 2 authentication methods setup.  

Once your Login.gov account is activated, use the below instructions when logging into LearningSpace 3.0. If you are using a mobile device, please continue to use a mobile browser (Safari, Edge, etc.). You may be prompted to install the Totara mobile app. The mobile app is not fully functional and is not recommended for use.  

  1. From the LearningSpace 3.0 page, select ‘Log in.’ This will take you to a USDA eAuthentication page.   

  1. Select ‘Peace Corps Volunteers and Non-Staff.’   

Agency selection menu

  1. Select ‘Continue.'

  2. Select 'Login.gov,' enter your credentials and authenticate your account.
customer Login screen
  • If you receive Link with Login.gov message, select 'Continue without linking to an existing eAuth account' and enter your name.
Link with Login.gov screen
7. You'll be redirected to the dashboard of LearningSpace.

Troubleshooting Issues

1. You've successfully logged in with your email address, but 'you don't have an account in Moodle.'

2. You are unable to access your authentication method for Login.gov or unable to login with your password.

3. Your account was previously registered to a .edu account you can no longer access.

4. You have an existing Login.gov account with another address.

5. You are redirected to USDA Federal Login screen.

  • Select 'Change user type' and choose 'Customer' to login with Login.gov credentials.
  • If you still don't see Login.gov as an option, try clearing your browser cache/cookies or try using a different browser.

If you are still unable to login or receive an error message, please send your name, email address and a screenshot to LearningSpaceSupport@peacecorps.gov. 

Last modified: Thursday, March 21, 2024, 4:05 PM